Saturday, September 7, 2013

Valspar Sketches for 29 Faces Days 5-7 and Paper Swapping


Woooohooooo! I love a great paper swap because checking the mail is like Christmas Morning all over again. My new artist friend, Susan Libertiny, swapped hand painted papers with me and I am swooning over all the gorgeousness she sent my way. Can....not....WAIT to turn these into a 

Visited my local Lowes for some stuff and have simply fallen in love with their 8 oz samples that they mix for you while you wait. These paints are satin, offer fabulous coverage, and once dried, make for a beautiful substrate to write on using various inks and markers. They are quickly becoming my favorite art journal paint because of their price too, $3 bottle. Way better than the little fluids found at craft stores. 

While I was there  I picked up a trifold brochure for their white paint samples and realized it would make the perfect little mini journal for my 29 Faces practice. My first 5 are done and working in these little boxes pushed my line control issues over the edge. I couldn't over think it, just had to sketch and sketch tiny. I found this to be excellent practice for my illustration work and am looking forward to filling up each square with a new face. 

Lots of juicy happenings have been landing in my lap these days, looking forward to sharing the details with you as I can. In the mean time, I hope your weekend was filled with beauty, creativity, and a big bowl of awesomesauce! 


Artzy Empress said...

I foresee a trip to Lowe's in my future! LOVE the paint samples...and a great price.
Using the paint sample booklet for your faces is brilliant! How cute they all are, too.

Karla B aka Lady Skyclad said...

Lovely work!

Faye said...

Wow, you are so clever! Each one of these faces is so full of character. Great job.

Cara said...

Using the white sample block thingy is genius!!! I have a sample I got with a free coupon awhile back that I used to paint a stool and I still have a TON of the paint left. I didn't realize they were so cheap! I am TOTALLY going to start getting them for paints instead of tiny craft paints!!!

Susan Libertiny said...

Hi Ardith,
I LOVE the idea of the Lowe's paints. How clever and thanks so much for sharing! Your 29 faces is a great idea.

I love the papers you sent me for our paper exchange. I already have plans for most of those lovely pages. Thanks so much!

Susan Libertiny

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Paper swap ~ awesome!
And I not only LoVe your faces, I love that you drew them on the paint samples!

Cara said...

I think I commented on this when you posted on The Glitterhood or somewhere, but I LOVE the idea of using those paint samples! I even told my boyfriend about it and he agreed that they were a great idea because then I can paint -things-, not just papers. :D

Effy said...

I keep intending to have paint samples made up for me when I'm in Home Depot, but I forget! This is so inspiring. xo

Beansieleigh said...

LOVE how you're using the paint samples brochure to practice in miniature!.. And next time I'm at Lowes, I will definitely check out the paints there. Love the colors! ~tina

Ardith Goodwin said...

Ok, I am triple dog daring some of you to share your paint sample sketches...:)