Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Push Past Ordinary Creativity Awareness Class

Moving through the world creatively is something we all do, we just may not be as aware of it as others. When we problem solve, when we think outside the box, when we organize our worlds in a way that produces unique outcomes, our creativity is engaged. Many folks feel that they are not creative because they cannot draw. Not so. Being able to draw is actually a technical skill that can be learned. Being creative, thinking creative, living creative, we all can do that, we just need to believe we can and practice it. 

Push Past Ordinary is a year long, online class that I have taught for two previous years. This year we kick off Round 3 in November! 

So who is this class for? 

Push Past Ordinary is for anyone wanting to improve your creative awareness as you develop your own, creative voice.

It is for anyone looking for specific creative behaviors to improve your creative thinking ability. 

It is for anyone looking to view the ordinary world through extraordinary lenses and use that way of seeing to serve you creatively.  

It is for anyone looking to improve their problem solving skills and become more adept at making connections, solving problems, and applying concepts in unique ways. 

It is for anyone wanting to live the question: Well what if I do this instead? 

Painters love the class because "learning to see creatively" is quite visually based, and they gain a ton of insight about the visual world around them and how they can use that to serve their own voice. 

Photographers love the class because it helps them see through their lenses in very unexpected ways, then apply those captures with different mediums and outcomes. 

Writers love the class because it challenges them to take visual cues and convert them to painting with words. 

Ordinary, beautiful humans love the class because it gives them the questions and behaviors to share with their kids, to inspire conversation, and look past the ordinary day to day processes of life. 

Thinkers and business folks love the class because it gives them strategies, vocabulary, and action plans to help them see connections, problem solving options, and perspectives that they can use creatively in the corporate world. 

I developed Push Past Ordinary because after teaching the young for many years with a Masters in Education, and using these behaviors in my own practice, I found that my creativity grew by leaps and bounds. This class is designed around what worked for me and it has worked for many over the past two years. 

There are a couple of things that make it work even better! 

Push Past Ordinary is built around creativity modules, weekly challenges, and an online community on FB that encourages accountability, offers tremendous support, and builds creative connections between people. Our community is a huge part of what makes this experience impactful and the more you choose to engage, the better your experience will be. 

(You can opt to take this class as a stand alone group. Message me for details.)

Changing behaviors over time takes consistency and practice. The challenges are built so that they can be simple or as complex as your creativity chooses. The timeline of the course builds understanding over time and that matters a great deal in the outcome. Like any important skill, the more we use it and practice it, the better we are at it. Creativity is no different. We gather for a year, with breaks, because that commitment pays off. 

The Details!
The yearlong course comes with: 

7 Creativity Modules containing 4-5 challenges

Each Module goes for 4-5 weeks, one challenge per week. 

Each challenge comes with an instructional video and PDF. By the end of the course, the 'Ebook' is approximately 200+ pages

There is a weekly Webinar for students to engage with me and discuss each challenge as a group. 

There is a secret FB Group where we share our progress, engage in classroom discussion, support one another, and explore the concept of creativity in all its glory. 

As an instructor, I choose to be highly engaged with my class every week!  You will need to friend me on FB to join.

Round 3 begins Nov. 19th, 2017

Early Bird Registration through August 1 is $185. (Regular Registration after August 1 is $215)

 If you need to split your payment in half over two months, message me at and I am happy to work with you! 

I do offer refunds up until the beginning of the course. Once the course begins, all sales are final.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

To Dream In Color Solo Show by Ardith Goodwin

A vivid imagination is a terrible thing to waste. 

I think about this phrase often when I am creating my figures and the stories that go along with them. There are moments that I wonder just how many friends I carry with me in the nooks and crannies of my creative heart most days. Figures and faces and personalities feed my soul, and I am thrilled to have a show sharing some of them with you. "

I sketch and paint a lot of figures. From the simplest line sketch to the most complex ones, each mark serves an important purpose in building the stories that the characters exist in.  "To Dream In Color" is a showcase of 12 of these characters conveying a range of studies that I create for my much larger complex pieces, and which feed the images in the children's book I am writing.

June 1, at the Institute of Fine Arts of Edmond, Ok., the opening will begin at 6 pm. which will coincide with my four day workshop, The Imaginative Face, which I am teaching there.  Sharing my love of Framework and practice with others, especially young ones, is part of what I adore about being a working artist so I hope to meet and chat with many of you there. 

The Institute of Fine Arts of Edmond
27 E Edwards St., Edmond, OK 73034
June 1, 2017 6-8 pm. 

You can view my current figurative and abstract works at and follow me on Instagram or FB as well!



Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ardithian Art Studio Open House

The studio is all set up for visitors this Saturday between 9-5! It has been an exciting joy getting the paintings hung and the juicy tidbits settled. I have also been pondering how to adequately say thank you to all of you who have purchased my work, supported me, and walked beside me over the years to make this shift in my career possible.

For my open house visitors, I will be gifting this original painting

to one lucky visitor by drawing a name from everyone who visits Friday evening or Saturday. For my online friends, those who purchase a print, painting, or sign up for my newsletter will be in the running to receive a hand embellished giclee' as well. 

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For the first time ever, and only for Friday and Saturday, all of my works on paper or canvas will be 25% off as my way of showing a big bucket of thanks! (to view my available works see the links below) If you are using your mobile phone, if you click on an image on my website a white dot will appear. That dots leads you to the descriptions of each image and the prices or message me at with questions.

If I could I would hug every single one of you who have cheered me on. The opening of my studio is a big deal, one I have worked so hard for. Please know I am so very grateful for every single one of you who have pushed me onward.

Looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend! (you can get a peek into my studio by viewing my album on my FB page as well!)


Ardithian Arts Studio
1260 Dauphin St.
Mobile, Al. 36604

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A New Studio And Blessing

Do you remember the first time you picked up a paint brush or pencil and felt the joy of slinging paint but at the end of the day had to clean up and put it all away because....well... stuff? Do you remember creating in a small space, like from your car or on the kitchen table and secretly dreamed of having your Do you remember selling your first pieces of artwork and realizing....oh, if only I had a studio I could ...... this and that and EVERYTHING?

What Was Once My Kitchen Table lol!

 For 14 years I have engaged my creativity and faith as a way to heal, a way to express myself, and as a way to connect with other beautiful humans. I have also used it to build a beautiful career and platform to teach artists and the creative young. Every long hour I spent during this time was laced with the hopes of one day having my own studio. There were moments I was exhausted and felt it would never come. There were moments of elation and I new it would come. And then there were most days where I simply put one foot in front of the other building the opportunity for it to come....and it has. 

This room used to be BROWN!

A few weeks ago an opportunity at the Central Presbyterian Church came available and I have acquired a new studio space in the building that used to be their educational wing.The space could not have been more perfect but that wasn't what sold me at first. The people I met and the service to community that takes place there filled my heart with hope. A building can house a studio quite easily, but a connection to people, to service, and to the betterment of others is part of what makes an incredible studio possible. This brings me great joy. 

For the past three weeks my family and I, and with the help of old friends and new ones, the studio has gone from empty spaces to rooms filled with color and light and life. It has been long, exhausting work, but every moment filled with a flood of connection to the thousands of moments that led up to this. Colors were chosen, I pinched pennies in as many ways as I could to be creative in my organization, and from the effort, a studio was born. 

The Brown Wall Is No More!

My Wall of Fame from artist and students I adore!

Abstracts and Reading

What Will Be My Main Painting Wall

A Welcoming Hangout

My Office and Dry Room

Beautiful Display Space Throughout

Although there is still much to do, I wanted to give you all a special invite for February 18th from 9 am to 5 pm which I will host an Open House at 1260 Dauphin St. . Having friends and family celebrate with me throughout the day is the very best way I can think of to start this amazing experience off in grand. Come view the works, talk with me about process and why there is so much color and oddness in my style, and share with me what you love about this beautiful way of life we live.  In the weeks and months to come, there will be art class for study and some just for fun. There will be opportunities for working artists to come together, to share thoughts and ideas of how to build community around our craft. There will also be opportunities for special events and celebrations to wrapped around creative endeavors in many ways. 

A Yummy Palette!

And Glorious Light!

As a working artist I am thrilled to be part of the Mobile community and look so forward to expanding my efforts in sharing creativity and a love for the arts. It has been an incredible 14 years of growth and practice, and I deeply look forward to many more. 

For those of you who wish to attend but are not local, I have requested that a studio blessing in the form of a prayer, a quote, a well wish, or a token be made or sent. Having the energy of others who have supported and encouraged me along the way is so very important to me because I know so well, I could not have done this alone. I will gather these and display them as well as use them in a special art project! You may email me at or mail it to Ardithian Arts Studio 1260 Dauphin St. Mobile, Al. 36604

(Stairs are part of the building where my studio is located. There are accommodations for the those who are physically challenged though. If you would like to come, please message me at so that we can be expecting you.)

Me and Julie Kogan, one of my first visitors!

In the coming weeks I will be sharing pics from Open House and well as several videos about setting up a studio, tips, and how the space finishes up. Stay tuned!

You can view some new pics of the studio here on my FB page!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Call For Studio Stuff!

I know for many artists, dreaming of having an art studio of their very own is something that keeps us up at night, I know it did for me. I have been blessed, thanks to my sweet hubs, to have my Outdoor Studio at Dulcinea, but for years I longed to have a space large enough for me to work full time painting and teaching workshops in. 2017 has opened up with a bang and I have acquired that space at  Central Presbyterian in Mobile. What this means is that I will be painting, teaching adults and some children, and hosting various and a sundry art events at my new digs! 

Now if you know me and my hubs, you know we love and adore finding use and value in the discarded. Starting a working studio and teaching center from scratch requires a whole lot of 'stuff.' Before I go out and purchase things, which I am finding crazy expensive these days, I really wanted to do a shout out to see if I could acquire some things that I can save, repair, refurbish, and bring some love to. That is where you come in! 

 (These are the colors going in my studio.....SWOONING!!!!! )

Below is a list of of items I am in need or want of. If you have any of these items that you are planning on giving to Goodwill, getting rid of, or are discarding I would LOVE to take a look. All I ask is that the electronics actually work! Message me at or give me a call if you have my #. It would make my day to have some well loved things in my studio and some great energy from friends and family! 

Can't wait to get started and to open up! Stay tuned! 

3 6 Wooden Tables (must be at least 36" tall and at least 36" wide up to 60") 
8 wooden chairs  bar stools (that I could paint)
8 wooden easels
metal or wooden storage containers in various sizes
flat file storage cabinet
wooden bookcase(s)
full size mannequin or mannequin parts
doll pieces or parts
old books with illustrations
coffee pot found
small dorm room fridge
old wooden rocking chair
rolling tv cart
fabric scraps
milk crates 
old wooden/velvet sofa 
various and a sundry wood planks or pieces 
old buttons
any other 'odd or artistic' object that you are getting rid of ;) 
3  lamps that could be repainted 
plastic containers (qt. size or larger)  
glass baby jars
Talenti jars
40 tennis balls 

Shoot me a message if you have any of the above you wish to get rid of

Thanks y'all!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Creative Ideas and Framework for Painters Online Class

 Framework is something I talk about so much when I share my art journey. Out of all of the things I have learned while painting over the years, understanding my personal and technical frameworks were the things that altered my style and passion more than any other. They in essence transformed who I am as an artist. 

A huge part of learning to paint and create from a unique point of view comes from learning what we are drawn to, what we are captivated by, and what point of view is uniquely ours. This online course is designed to bring that knowing into clarity and give you the tools and skills needed to move forward with a deeper understand of your own Framework and how to identify the ideas that are beautifully different. 

Over the course of an intense 8 weeks, we will dive into  group sessions through video conferencing, video instruction, and daily practice to fine tune, engage, and shed light on our frameworks. It will be exciting. There will be a lot of soul searching. And there will be a lot of growth as an artist, but more so as humans who move through the world with creative lenses

You will get nudged in the direction of learning how to alter your ideas, problem solve concepts, and push past ordinary when it comes to what you create and how you create it. This workshop will help you move toward uniqueness in your practice....yes it will.

The video series will cover the basic fundamentals for beginning to paint with a strong foundation. Which tools, products, and pigments work well together will be a focus and how to manipulate all of those to create paintings which align with our framework. We will meet weekly, by Skype, to challenge one another and add support from a place of commonality. 

Our video conferencing will have a daytime option and an evening option to accommodate those with challenging schedules. The group itself will be hosted in a private FB group to give us a place to foster ideas and share insight. 

There will also be a One on One option to purchase which comes with phone access and one hour video conference with me for those artist needing specific, personal direction as well!

If you are a painter who is frustrated by 'ordinary or similar' and are seeking a way to break through that frustration this class would be a great option for you. 

If you are a painter who deeply wants to create from a personal point of view but unsure how to do that this workshop would also be a great option for you! 

It does take a time commitment of 8 weeks, so if you are the least bit hesitant message me and let's talk about your specific needs at

Twice this year I will teach this workshop. The first session kicks off February 13th and goes to April 3rd. The second session kicks off July 3 and goes through the week of August 28th.  




Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Expressive Figure Workshop with Ardith Goodwin and Shauna Meiri

 Have you been eager to lean in and explore the world of expressive figurative painting in acrylic but unsure about where to begin? Ardith Goodwin and Shauna Meiri, two acrylic painters with a gift for fracturing and deconstruction, are joining forces to co-teach a 4-day workshop April 2017 in beautiful Fairhope, AL, at the Eastern Shore Art Center.
Ardith specializes in the fractured line and approach, building figures through structure, variety of marks, and the transparent use of color and contrast.
Shuana is a master teacher at the art of deconstruction and reconstruction with an eye for emotional, raw imagery that penetrates the layers. She brings a connection with the intuitive process and the mystery of what is hidden and brought to the light through the deconstructive process. 

Though we each have unique styles as we approach the canvas, we share the belief that the soul of the artist combined with the spirit of the figure can be embraced and captured through freedom of play, mastery of craft, and an openness to create from a place of authenticity. 
In this workshop we will: 
  • Learn the basics of the human form and structure of the face, and how to manipulate each through the use of expressive line, marks and color.
  • Work with quick sketches and loose studies, play with a variety of materials and have fun creating artwork that has more impact and expresses what is important to you.
  • Explore the building up of layers through the use of mixed media to create visual interest.
  • Experiment with using deconstruction as a way to create textures, shake loose from perfectionism and make room for the unexpected.
  • Practice integrating new techniques and ideas into your current creative work.
It is our intention to give intensive individual attention to each student and their artistic/creative process. We will offer an immersive, welcoming class filled with practical knowledge as well as nuggets of wisdom that both of us have learned through our years (and love) of creating figures and faces.

The Juicy Tidbits:
  • The cost of the 4-day workshop is $550.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $250 holds your space.
  • The teachers will provide some materials, students will bring their own basic supplies. A supply list will be provided upon registration.
  • For an additional fee of $150 you can purchase an all paints, materials, paper, and two 24" by 30" canvases provided option.

  • Registration Options
Refund Policy:
  • Before Feb 1st, we will refund 75%
    Before March 1st, we will refund 50%
    After March 1st there are no refunds 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So What's It Like To Attend An Ardith Goodwin Workshop?

So What's It Like? 

I get asked this question a lot about my painting workshops and I always say, well every one is a little bit different but they are all filled with a great amount of grey cell bending. 

In all honesty, my workshops are a little bit different than most in that I don't teach from a demo painting. Instead, I teach to the needs of the room, show lots of techniques about impact and fundamentals on my own canvas, and strive quite hard to teach everyone in a way where they get their needs and questions met. 

As a teacher I want everyone to learn the strategies that will help them find their own visual voice. Those strategies might be different than the ones I use and we talk a lot about that. As an artist I want them to see how to approach a canvas with pure freedom and know what their options are creatively. As a human being, I want every student to know their marks matter, that the act of creating is sacred, and that showing up and doing the work is a beautiful thing. 

Whether it be my Impact Workshop, Move the Line Abstract Workshop, or The Imaginative Figure, every workshop is chock full of mini-lessons, study practice, watch and learn, and free paints. We explore color theory, the importance of contrast, how to create a variety of marks, and most importantly, how to understand our tools and products so that we can use them to their full potential. 

Peer support is common, we encourage one another. We celebrate big hurdles and shifts, and make way for learning curves because everyone walks in the door at a different place in their artistic journey. 

My two day workshops create thinkers about your process. They build confidence and connect techniques to the fundamentals of why you paint what you paint. My four and five day workshops dive much deeper in the technical process and way deeper in the purpose behind what you paint and how you paint it. 

One of the most exciting things I hear at the close of every workshop is when are you coming back, when is your next workshop? That fills my artist's heart with love and my teacher's heart with much gratitude. It matters to me that my workshop is relevant, that I leave my students feeling confident and valued more so than when they walked in the door. My workshops help give artists the core tools they need to thrive in moving the line forward. I could ask for no more. 

If you are interested in taking a workshop with me or would like to join my mailing list to get first dibs on when workshops become available, message me at 

If you have attended a workshop, I would love for you to chime in and share your experience with others who are considering spending some time slinging paint with me! 

My last scheduled workshop, The Imaginative Figure, for 2016 is in Lorton, Va. on October 8th and 9th at the Workhouse Arts Center. Message me if you have specific questions. 

Buckets of Colorful Love!

Friday, July 15, 2016

10 Tips In Maintaining Your Creative Practice

I can bet many of us adult human folk miss art class in elementary school. It was a time of creative play, using our hands to get messy, and days filled with color and line and thinking of odd and a sundry ways to express ourselves. For most of us, IT WAS FUN! 

Fast forward to our adult lives, many moons have passed and many of us find ourselves at a turning point where we desire to either re-visit the world of arts and crafts or rekindle a passion for what we once loved. Either way, the question now becomes: How do I begin and maintain a creative practice? 

Working with artistic humans and artists in real life and online, I have come across many that get excited about a new class, gather all new supplies and shiny things, and for a few weeks they thrive. Then something interesting begins to happen. Every so slightly they get busy. They get busy living, doing laundry, taking care of kids and big kids and kids camouflaged as spouses. Despite all the best intentions they stop tapping into the creative practice that brought them joy. 

Don't get me wrong, families are the core of our heart and love!  Living a beautiful life takes practice and time and attention to do well. Still, if you choose to embrace the intention of learning a new artistic skill, building a creative practice, and/or creating a living through the arts, you must find a way to commit to that practice while you live that beautiful life. You must embrace the belief that your creative needs matter too. 

There are some tips that you can consider, and if followed, the chances of committing and staying dedicated to creative growth can be achieved. They begin with a choice. 

1. Make A Commitment 
The first thing we must do when we believe that our creative needs matter is to make a choice. Make a choice to create time for ourselves. Make a choice to begin and make a choice to communicate that desire with our important humans so that they can cheer us on and respect that choice. 

2. Choose Your Path
Once you have decided to dive in, you have to narrow down your options. If you are a pure beginner, then most likely you might want to take a class or two. You might want to commit to some online learning, take a class in real life, or simply gather some books and give it a go. 

If you are more experienced, or are coming back to a creative practice you once had, you still need to narrow down your options so that you can engage them in small, building steps. 

Make an intention based on what you hope to achieve. A beginner's intention will be very different from a seasoned creative, so choose what fits your needs best. 

3. Schedule Your Time
This step is HUGE! Sometimes you dive in and simply can't keep up the pace. Consider what your path is, what your beautiful life entails, and carve out some sacred time for you to practice, explore, and learn within balance. 

If everyday is too much, make a choice to spend every other day creating. Small chunks of time are more manageable to begin with. 20-30 min windows of time can give you room for confidence and not overwhelm your already busy lifestyle. Even 15 min windows will make a difference. 

4. Get Organized
Having a space and the appropriate supplies is one of the most important factors in long term success. If you have to get supplies out and put them up every single time you create, chances are that will become tedious. Find a 'spot' where you can keep your supplies in reach and have them accessible easily. You are much more able to build a habit if there is consistency in that practice and your tools are handy.

5. Set Realistic Goals

Let's be honest, you most likely won't create a masterpiece the first week you begin. :) One of the biggest factors in not committing to a practice is our horrible tendency to expect perfection. Growth in any area takes TIME. Striving for excellence is very different than expecting perfection. 

If you begin by expecting every single thing you create to be amazing you will get disappointed quickly. Instead, flip your mindset and honor your commitment to the practice...which is amazing, and give yourself the time to learn, to study, to practice, to grow. The sheer act of creating is sacred, and for many of us, a goal of just playing can lead to a beautiful way of life.

Choose realistic goals though that are short term, and strive for bigger ones in the long term. 

6. Find A Partner

Having a friend or partner, either in your present day life or online, can be a big part of your sticking with a practice. If you can find someone to share it with you, hold you accountable based on your goals, then you will be much more engaged. Creative Partnerships can affect your practice in powerful ways. If a local partnership isn't available, reach out online. 

7. Join Groups That Match Your Goals

Finding a group that shares your interests or goals will help you plant roots in your practice. Locally, search out a group that you can participate with and network with. Be open to learn, to participate, to volunteer, and engage.

 Online, there are TONS of groups based around interests. Find one to join that has connections with what you hope to create and has members who might challenge you a bit. Learn the ins and outs about posting and sharing, what the group guidelines are, and become an active member. The more you engage, the more you will feed your own creative understanding and practice. 

8. Ask, Seek, Explore
When you take a class....ask questions. Online classes are all different. Most likely there will be students that join who are at different places in their artistic journey and you might feel intimidated. Challenge this feeling and learn from it. 

Comparing yourself to someone's skill set that has been developing over several years sets you up for failure. Instead, honor their commitment and learn from them. Ask questions, explore ideas, and give yourself time to learn. 

If your class has a format that is technically challenging, reach out to the teacher and ask for help. Classes these days cost a pretty penny. Be willing to be assertive in what you need and reach out for guidance. Most teachers I know welcome the connection and questions. 

9. Engage In Practice
Show up. Do the Work. Repeat. NOTHING will make as much of a difference than actually laying those bricks one at a time, consistently over time. Start small and build on your practice. As you grow, share with your family, broaden your networks and support groups, and devote more time. 

10. Be Gentle With Yourself

We can blame and shame with the best of them when it comes to the expectations we have of ourselves. If you dive in and get excited but get a case of the fizzles rather quickly, spend some time asking yourself why. Be HONEST. If it is a lack of understanding, ask for help. 

If it is a choice you made to disengage, be honest about that and seek out the root of why. Are you afraid of success? Do you truly believe you matter?  Is this something a friend did but really wasn't what your heart longed for? As those conversations take place, and if you make a choice to begin again, do so with grace for yourself. Seek out progress, not perfection. 

I am a firm believer that when humans choose to engage and devote to some type of creative practice their lives become more content and meaningful. This world desperately needs Creatives to continue to spread unique ideas, beauty, and products that show the best of us. If you are one who has chosen to embrace that way of life, bravo! There is help out there so that you can thrive! 

Do you have some tips for helping others stay committed to a creative practice? My list is not all encompassing. Share your ideas here so we can all learn from each other! 

Happy Creating!