Monday, November 27, 2006

Our Gala is this week!

What a crazy week this will be for our gallery. On Tuesday night Cameron Pfiffer is having her show focusing on photography from Iceland and Thursday night we are having the Gala, which is our biggest party of the season. I haven't been before, but as I hear it, it's not to be missed. I had a lot of hopes and aspirations to get a lot done in preperations for these shows, but I just couldn't do it. Getting over my knee surgery a few weeks back has taken longer than I thought and the nerve in my neck has made it difficult to do anything with my hands for a long time. I had 6 botox injections in my neck, to release the muscles, but it didn't help for any length of time, which is a bummer. My husband laughs and says that at least my neck will look young and wrinkle free. I'd rather have it look old, but not drive me nuts from nerve pain. Anyhow, I am going to try and finish a project I've been working on, and look towards painting a new series. It's strange I think because sometimes I paint with a specific purpose, sometimes to music, other times in a fantasy world. Lately I've been thinking of creating more thought provoking, almost provacative art, but I can't put my finger on the why or the what. Hopefully, that will come to me. I saw a fascinating piece on the Today Show about an artist that paints portriats of fallen soldiers and sends them to their families, all for free. Her take on it was that they should be dads, get married, live to be 80, and their life is cut short. What an impression she made on me. Artists cannot stop wars, but they can make a difference in other peoples lives on a daily basis, in their own unique ways. I'll be thinking a lot about that today, and encourage you to do the same. How will you make your own difference in our world today? Peace, A

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I woke up this morning excited about the day because I would not only get to spend the day with my family, but I would see my new neice, Abby, for the very first time. She was simply delicious, smelled delicious, felt delicious, just almost sweet enough to eat. Abby is now 7 weeks old and it made the day simply fabulous. Holidays are a big deal in our family, because we are so large, so we ate down at my mammaw's house, about 40 of us. My mammaw died this past year, and it wasn't the same without her, but it was special getting together, giving thanks to God for all that he has blessed us with, at her house. My Uncle Charles lives there, it's really his house, but to all of us it will always be mammaws house.
I decided to change my blog page up a bit because my links off my website were a bit screwed up. What that means is now, you can leave comments and stuff, but to read my archives you will have to visit my website and view my archived file page, which I will create tomorrow I hope. For new readers, you can just pick up and follow with me from today, and you can still understand where I started a month or so back. Basically, this journal is to express to my supporters and others what it's like being an artist with disabilities. My hope is that other people living with disabilities will find a common thread and share their stories as well. I also want those of you who enjoy my art to understand a bit more about how it is created and what it takes for me to actually paint what I do. God has blessed me greatly, and for him and what he has given I offer my humble thanks and praise.