Sunday, September 9, 2007

My 3 month knee check up

This pic was sent to my by someone who forgot to give
credit to the artist, I love her/his work and would say
bravo if I knew who painted this, it caputres my mood
lately to the T!

I just had my 3 month knee check up after my partial knee replacement and all is well. My doctor was thrilled with my lack of pain and my range of motion in my knee and couldn't be happier. We were all worried at first because my joint locked up after surgery and out of my 18 surgeries this was by far the most painful and difficult to rehab, but 3 months later I at least feel like I have a new knee. Most people still don't get the 'partial knee replacement' but my doctor said that it is sort of never done and that's why. Would I suggest others have this surgery? If you live with arthritis under the patella only and have tried everything else go for it, I have never felt as good with a surgery as I do this one. As for going back to work and being able to function, that's a whole other story. If my knee were my only issue I would be fine, but the back issues along with the arachnoiditis and being on my feet all day are making this return quite difficult. I am looking at working from an electric wheel chair and am not sure I like this idea but if it helps me stay employed this year and saves my back/leg issues then I'm ok. I miss the art world now that I am trying to teach again, when I catch up I hope to start on a new piece. To all those suffering with ailments I wish you comfort and peace. A