Monday, October 14, 2013

21 Secrets 2014 Presale!

Over the past few years one of the most important habits that I have in helping me become a better artist, person, and teacher is to keep an art journal. I have many types of them, sketchbooks, journals about cats, watercolor journals, altered books, even a journal called "Fractured" that I share with no one. The process of sketching/creating daily, writing my thoughts, ideas, prayers, and intentions on my pages, and embracing the practice of letting the paint flow without expectations has been a HUGE force in my growth as an artist. 

As I started my first journals, checked out books about how to make them, and tinkered with different ideas I longed to have a connection with other artists sharing the same love I had. Through the networks of Facebook and Google+, and from my IRL classes, I began to meet and get to know other journalers, students, teachers, and creative beings sharing their lives through their pages, and the experience has been life changing. 

A few months ago one of those artists who I have adored and followed, Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studios, contacted me about being one of the 21 teachers in her HUGE 21 Secrets Online Workshop. Although I was ready to jump at the chance, I took a deep breath, spent some time praying about it, and then felt an overwhelming peace that this was my path and the timing was perfect. With glee I accepted and have been on pins and needles waiting for the big launch today. 

I am guessing, especially if you have never taken an online workshop, you are thinking, what does this online class entail and who would it benefit? If you answer yes to any of the questions below, this experience would be a meaningful one for your personal art journey: 

1. Are you interested in learning new techniques to use in an art journal or incorporate into your personal painting style? 
2. Are you interested in exploring ways to get to know yourself on a deeper level through the practice of writing, mark making, and painting? 
3. Are you interested in taking risks, trying new techniques, and stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to working through concepts and ideas in your art journals? 
4. Are you interested in learning about new tools and practice methods to build your own artistic skill sets? 
5. Are you interested in connecting with a community of like minded artists at all levels in a private, safe environment? 
6. Are you limited in your own community in having art classes and events to engage with other artists? 
7. Are you interested in learning from 21 different teachers who each share a different point of view, way of practice, and passion for helping others reach their potential through the journey of art journaling? 
8. Are you looking to learn specific art techniques to help you improve your overall artistic skills? 
9. Are you crunched for time and can't attend an in person workshop due to time/job needs?
10. Are you interested in finding your own, personal artistic passion and breaking through the negative, internal self talk that holds you back? 
If any of these questions are YES for you, then this type of workshop will be incredible! 

On the other hand, if you are looking to view the artistic process of others and copy their style then I would say, this is not for you. 

Now, I know it is October and this workshop doesn't start until April 2014, so what's the deal? Today we PRE-LAUNCH, which means you can get it at a really, really discounted rate if you are one of the first 500 members. Here is the breakdown of the pre-sale discounted prices: 

$59 for buyers 1-50 
$69 for buyers 51-150
$79 for buyers 151 - 300 
$89 for buyers 301- 500 

After 500 members, the cost goes up to $98 so getting in early is the best idea ever! 

April 1, 2014 the workshop kicks off and this year each member will be able to download the entire course in a PDF/Ebook format to follow and revisit, which is an amazing opportunity. You can read all about the specific details of 21 workshops, see the (awesome) teacher bios, and sign up HERE, and the courses and teachers are some of the most interesting I have seen offered, which thrills me! 

(Each instructor has an affiliate link and when you sign up we get credit, which is how we get paid. Please use my affiliate link in blue above to sign up, THANKS!)

Ardith Goodwin

DeAnne Olguin Williamson

Jes Belkov Gordon

Lisa Sonora Beam

Natasha White

Petrea Hansen Adamidis

If you have any questions about 21 Secrets or the workshop I will be teaching, message me at or through my social networks. Leading up until April, Connie will be showcasing each instructor and their classes, and I will share that information as well. The countdown begins and I have never been so eager for April to arrive! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For the past month one of my dear friends, Terri Keller and I, have been swapping canvases back and forth in preparation for Art(ology)'s Collaborart Show for Artwalk October 11th. We each started the canvases with random marks, collage, or paint and added our own influence with each swap. This was WAY harder than I thought because I was worried, "Am I covering up too much of her work?" The entire process was a great learning experience because it made me really evaluate how I go about deciding what is important enough to keep in a painting and what is worth letting go of. 

Here are the process images for each piece! They are now on display at the gallery and will be part of the show Friday evening. 

First Round of Ardith's Marks

Second Round of Terri's Marks

Final Version of Ardith's Piece

First Round of Terri's Marks

Second Round of Ardith's Marks/Collage

Final Round of Terri's Piece

Up Close Detail

Our pieces are hanging next to the collage Phyllis Henson and Lynn Weeks created, amazing work all around! Hope you will come out and join us Friday evening!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Simple Tip - Use Your Non-Dominant Hand

As I teach young ones each day I pay close attention to the process they use to create art, especially the intuitive process. Because my grades span from 3-6, I pick up on the distinct difference of a young child creating from pure imagination to the older child wanting to get it right and asking, "Does this look good?" In a very short time span kids seem to really lose the ability to create with reckless abandon and by the time the child has grown and become an adult, many of us lock ourselves into the notion of "I can't draw, I can't make that, I can't, I can't, I can't..." 

Giving ourselves permission to create without any expectations whatsoever, to simply play with our marks, our color, our lines, is VITAL for the artist. If only the child in our adult bodies was given permission. My
#simpletip  of the day is to create something with your non dominant hand! Let go of expectations and play with your paints. Get back in touch with that part of you who's artistic voice was at one time.... POWERFUL! By using your non-dominant hand it forces you to give up control and simply let the line, pattern, and mark evolve. If you are really feeling your inner child, use your fingers too, :) 

These abstracts were made by my 3rd graders in our study of Kandinsky. They amaze me with the power of their artistic voice and I so pray that I will help them hold on to it for as long as possible.