Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Ardithian Art Studio Open House

The studio is all set up for visitors this Saturday between 9-5! It has been an exciting joy getting the paintings hung and the juicy tidbits settled. I have also been pondering how to adequately say thank you to all of you who have purchased my work, supported me, and walked beside me over the years to make this shift in my career possible.

For my open house visitors, I will be gifting this original painting

to one lucky visitor by drawing a name from everyone who visits Friday evening or Saturday. For my online friends, those who purchase a print, painting, or sign up for my newsletter will be in the running to receive a hand embellished giclee' as well. 

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For the first time ever, and only for Friday and Saturday, all of my works on paper or canvas will be 25% off as my way of showing a big bucket of thanks! (to view my available works see the links below) If you are using your mobile phone, if you click on an image on my website a white dot will appear. That dots leads you to the descriptions of each image and the prices or message me at with questions.

If I could I would hug every single one of you who have cheered me on. The opening of my studio is a big deal, one I have worked so hard for. Please know I am so very grateful for every single one of you who have pushed me onward.

Looking forward to seeing many of you this weekend! (you can get a peek into my studio by viewing my album on my FB page as well!)


Ardithian Arts Studio
1260 Dauphin St.
Mobile, Al. 36604

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A New Studio And Blessing

Do you remember the first time you picked up a paint brush or pencil and felt the joy of slinging paint but at the end of the day had to clean up and put it all away because....well... stuff? Do you remember creating in a small space, like from your car or on the kitchen table and secretly dreamed of having your Do you remember selling your first pieces of artwork and realizing....oh, if only I had a studio I could ...... this and that and EVERYTHING?

What Was Once My Kitchen Table lol!

 For 14 years I have engaged my creativity and faith as a way to heal, a way to express myself, and as a way to connect with other beautiful humans. I have also used it to build a beautiful career and platform to teach artists and the creative young. Every long hour I spent during this time was laced with the hopes of one day having my own studio. There were moments I was exhausted and felt it would never come. There were moments of elation and I new it would come. And then there were most days where I simply put one foot in front of the other building the opportunity for it to come....and it has. 

This room used to be BROWN!

A few weeks ago an opportunity at the Central Presbyterian Church came available and I have acquired a new studio space in the building that used to be their educational wing.The space could not have been more perfect but that wasn't what sold me at first. The people I met and the service to community that takes place there filled my heart with hope. A building can house a studio quite easily, but a connection to people, to service, and to the betterment of others is part of what makes an incredible studio possible. This brings me great joy. 

For the past three weeks my family and I, and with the help of old friends and new ones, the studio has gone from empty spaces to rooms filled with color and light and life. It has been long, exhausting work, but every moment filled with a flood of connection to the thousands of moments that led up to this. Colors were chosen, I pinched pennies in as many ways as I could to be creative in my organization, and from the effort, a studio was born. 

The Brown Wall Is No More!

My Wall of Fame from artist and students I adore!

Abstracts and Reading

What Will Be My Main Painting Wall

A Welcoming Hangout

My Office and Dry Room

Beautiful Display Space Throughout

Although there is still much to do, I wanted to give you all a special invite for February 18th from 9 am to 5 pm which I will host an Open House at 1260 Dauphin St. . Having friends and family celebrate with me throughout the day is the very best way I can think of to start this amazing experience off in grand. Come view the works, talk with me about process and why there is so much color and oddness in my style, and share with me what you love about this beautiful way of life we live.  In the weeks and months to come, there will be art class for study and some just for fun. There will be opportunities for working artists to come together, to share thoughts and ideas of how to build community around our craft. There will also be opportunities for special events and celebrations to wrapped around creative endeavors in many ways. 

A Yummy Palette!

And Glorious Light!

As a working artist I am thrilled to be part of the Mobile community and look so forward to expanding my efforts in sharing creativity and a love for the arts. It has been an incredible 14 years of growth and practice, and I deeply look forward to many more. 

For those of you who wish to attend but are not local, I have requested that a studio blessing in the form of a prayer, a quote, a well wish, or a token be made or sent. Having the energy of others who have supported and encouraged me along the way is so very important to me because I know so well, I could not have done this alone. I will gather these and display them as well as use them in a special art project! You may email me at or mail it to Ardithian Arts Studio 1260 Dauphin St. Mobile, Al. 36604

(Stairs are part of the building where my studio is located. There are accommodations for the those who are physically challenged though. If you would like to come, please message me at so that we can be expecting you.)

Me and Julie Kogan, one of my first visitors!

In the coming weeks I will be sharing pics from Open House and well as several videos about setting up a studio, tips, and how the space finishes up. Stay tuned!

You can view some new pics of the studio here on my FB page!