Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Red Clutch Purse

One of the benefits I am finding of cleaning my art studio is challenging myself to find ways to use items I already have. My best pal Terri gave me this little red clutch purse LAST YEAR! 

Yep, I had plans to collage it but it has sat on my shelf for that long being neglected. When I decided to create a traveling art studio to keep in my car, this screamed out at me as a perfect fit for my graphite kit. Who says artists can't be fancy with their stuff? I am working on writing a post about building your own traveling art kit, when I finish my studio I will share it. So far, I am getting excited about the possibilities! 

Before going out and spending lotsa bucks on trendy new art organizers, I challenge you to look at what you have and see if anything meets your needs. Just might save you a few bucks you can spend on bling later! 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Before and After Studio Project

I have a confession to make....I am a pig! Honestly, I even have the snort and pig sounds to go along with this pitiful image. Seriously, there are reasons behind this mess....some require rationalization on my part, others require a "Come to Jesus Meeting," with myself, but the main one is that my wonderful son moved back home to go to college and reclaimed his room...yes...this I am faced with studio issues. I have ignored the inevitable for the most part, especially when I walked past the door and all my art supplies moan from neglect, but the time has come that I must confront this monster. 

The only way I could see that it would get done though is for me to shame myself publicly into cleaning it up. Now, I know I am not the only artist or mom who has been there right? I know there are tons of studios dotted all across the globe that have been here and done this, but my son and I just can't manage this mess. It is toxic really, to my mood, to his frame of mind, because what you don't realize is that his bed is where the picture cuts off. Yes, he lives in this room and has to look at this every day. 

So, with the help of you all, some of my Pinterest friends who will support my before and after pics, I am diving head first into this mess....may God Help Me! Stay tuned, I promise "After" photos to follow! 

Did I mention it is only a 4' by 6' space? Did I....?
(nervous tick ensues)  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project 52+ Week 3

Textures and abstract patterns fascinate me in mixed media and I decided to adjust my photography passion to blend the best of both worlds. Here are two images, both taken with my Galaxy Nexus, and manipulated using the  Google+ Creative Kit! This program is very similar to Picnik and I love its ease of use and options. I look forward to the challenge this year of pushing the envelope abstractly when it comes to photography and textures. So far the experience has been interesting.

On a Pinterest note, I am part of a community board that shares Design Pins. These pins celebrate the beauty of well thought out design, creativity, and function. If you are a lover of fine design with products, you might consider following our board, created by Zina Harrington, over on Pinterest! Here is an example of one of the products pinned to the Design Is Everything Board.

swinging  rocking chairs

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Project 52 Week Two

I tinkered around with a few images this week, one of food, one of nature, and one abstract. In the end, I like all three but for different reasons. Food, most any type of food, is a draw to me and I love the human condition of experiencing it. Wickles Pickles, if you haven't tried them do, are my most favorite so I played with my food one morning and created a stacked pickle bite. Fresh mozzarella, French Rounds, Wickles Pickle, and a slice of pear was what I ended up with and the combination of the sweet and spicy was delicious!

Mushrooms are another fascination of mine. I don't care to eat them, but the structure and function of mushrooms cause my imagination and little grey cells to expand from the sheer number and diversity of them. I have no clue what type these are as they are new to me, so not only do I have a new picture but I have a new challenge to seek out and discover which type of foundlings these are. 

On Google+ Project 52 the theme for the week was Winter/Summer, and we have had a weird one so far. One day it is 70 degrees and the next it is 20. Even the Japanese Magnolia's are already starting to bloom which doesn't bode well for them making it to Spring. As I looked at my pajama pants I knew I wanted to snap a few shots of my stripes because they were both Winter/Spring types, which gave me a great metaphor for the theme. I used my Galaxy Nexus camera, uploaded instantly to Google+, and finished the shot using the Creative Kit offered by Google which is tons of fun, especially for a project like this. 

For the most part, I am hoping to find my path with Project 52 in showcasing a weekly year in the life through photos. If you are interested in following that journal I will be posting them here, on Google+, in Pinterest, and on our Flickr group page which should make the following a bit easier. If you are active in a Project 52 I would love to know so I can follow you as well! 

Flickr Project 52 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Creative Spaces

Do you have a creative space that you love? Is it a studio, a gallery, or simply a spot under a shady tree where you sketch every now and then? I have a few, but one of my most favorite creative spaces is the co-op gallery, Art(ology), that I am a member of. There are 8 of us, all women, all from the south, and all unique and lovely. The gallery itself brings me peace as soon as I enter the door, be it the soothing turquoise, the joyful art, or the 'vibe' as many of our patrons call it. Art(ology) just oozes the creative spirit that I connect with and I am grateful for it. 

Art(ology) 306 Dauphin Street, Mobile

At home that's a different matter. My house is creative, but I am in a funk when it comes to solving my studio space issue now that my son lives at home again. I want him to have his own space, but that means finding a different space for my 'stuff' and creative life. This week I will be tackling that issue and may share some of the pics in the Project 52 group I am in. If it can be solved it will....creative gumption will rule the day! 

You can follow my Project 52 photos on Pinterest as well!