Sunday, September 1, 2013

Little Red Dress Art Journal Page

For the LOVE of a cute dress! Inwardly, I am quite the girly girl but most folks who know me wouldn't know that because I dress rather....Ardithian. I do this for two reasons: 1. I LOVE the weird and whimsical look while still looking nice and 2. I can't wear high heel shoes....ever. Flats don't really work either because I have orthopedic issues and any girl knows who has had to deal with wearing 'safe' shoes, there is nothing girly about them. Hence, I avoid the dresses as well. 

There are times I miss getting all dolled up, but for the most part, I have come to terms with it. That doesn't mean when I see a darling dress that I don't admire it, because I so do. What occurred to me though, is that it really isn't as much about the dress as it is about the person behind the dress. Inwardly, if I am totally ok with dressing the way I do, then yeeeehaw for me! I have accepted my body and its peccadilloes, learned to embrace the style that fits me, and have managed to take on a rather unique taste in shoe wear. Still, what I know today is that it isn't about the dress or the shoes, it's all about how I feel on the inside! 

This journal page served many purposes as well. I wanted to tinker with a pre-prepped page that had a layer of gel medium with ridges. I wanted to try out some different layering styles by using Neocolor II, Water Soluble Graphite, Inks, and Fluid Acrylics. Most of all, I wanted to try out my new slick paint to see if it sticks to other pages when my book is closed overnight. My gut says it will, but I won't know until tomorrow. Using my art journal rather than committing on a canvas is a much better way to try out a few new process so we will see how this goes. 

Although I loved the abstract colors of my initial color glazes, I chose to throw Pyrole Red and Mint Green in the mix. Ultimately I washed out the entire piece with waterproof white ink, and loved that result for a background. The figure was a pure after thought but gave me a great way to test out the slick paint.


This page makes me smile and taught me a lot about colors I will use more often. We shall see how the paint holds up tomorrow!  These are more like the shoes I wear every day, they make me happy too, :) 

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