Sunday, July 28, 2013

Just Breathe

We put so much pressure on ourselves as Creatives to produce and it comes from many directions. Have you heard these thoughts whiz through your head before?

I am not good enough? 

This isn't right. 

They won't like it. 

This is crap. 

Ugh, I can't do this. 

and so on and so on. Striving for excellence as an artist comes with an internal dialogue that each of us must fine tune so that it serves us. Working hard, putting in the hours to master a skill, those things are very much needed. What doesn't serve us is the mindset that stems from the statements above. What we feed ourselves internally will come out in our bodies, that goes for the physical and the mental

Sometimes we need to simply breathe.... let the expectations go and create from a place of play, joy, and fun which feeds us internally. We are our first audience. 


Monday, July 8, 2013

New Studio

Woooohooooo! For the first time since I have been a professional artist I actually have a full blown working studio. My son moved out into his own place a few weeks back which was quite a bittersweet moment for me. I loved having him at home, but see him become independent was such a joy and I am grateful he is transitioning into this new chapter. He and I shared a room...I mean, his bedroom was half my studio, so when he moved, I was able to totally embrace the space as my own. 

BEFORE PICS! (What a mess!)

For those who have followed me you know I paint often in my outdoor studio, from my carstudio, in my kitchudio by that great window, but having my own studio space eluded me. There is only so far you can take your creativity when space is an issue, and I learned to master the art of painting in a small space. This new studio will be a unique experience for me. I set it up with great intent, meaning I sat in my chair for several days and visualized exactly what type of art and what materials I would need in reach. 

AFTER PICS - (Wooohooo!)

Love having my paints in reach!

Plenty of room for a decent size canvas. 

Organizing my plan was key, and this gave me the freedom to open up boxes and materials I have not seen in years. There is pretty much a place for everything, and although I wanted to keep the space cozy and pretty, it had to serve two purposes...a guest room and my studio. Creating a space that is too pretty to work in was not on my agenda, but displaying my supplies was something I tried to do in a practical, but visually pretty way. 

Love my old, vintage paintbrush.

Alice loves the little hands, :)

Three days of packing his items up and unpacking mine, moving furniture, throwing away gobs, and relishing over the memories of it all was a beautiful experience. There were moments that I stood in that doorway and remembered my little five year old playing with his James the Red Engine and Thomas the Tank Engines. That room holds lots of memories, and I cherish the fact that my creative space is surrounded by them all. Tonight I placed the final three boxes needing to be sorted in the closet, looked around and realized I need to start collecting and displaying my friends artworks, and took a really deep breath. This room will always grow with me, it will change as my art changes, but one thing is sure. When any of our children return for a visit, there will be a warm, welcoming space for them surrounded by lots of creative fodder. I can think of no better use for a studio! 

I still have many of his boyhood items to keep me company, :) 

You can see my to do list on the cardboard.

Provie Musso built this amazing piece, I adore it!

A few various art pieces from some of my besties! The one on the right is from my nephew Simon, who is 3. Sweet Wendy painted me the cross, and the rabbit was salvaged from the trash when Art(ology) opened. 

Of course, there must be random doll parts. 

I still have things to hang, but overall, it is looking sweet!