Thursday, January 26, 2012

Little Red Clutch Purse

One of the benefits I am finding of cleaning my art studio is challenging myself to find ways to use items I already have. My best pal Terri gave me this little red clutch purse LAST YEAR! 

Yep, I had plans to collage it but it has sat on my shelf for that long being neglected. When I decided to create a traveling art studio to keep in my car, this screamed out at me as a perfect fit for my graphite kit. Who says artists can't be fancy with their stuff? I am working on writing a post about building your own traveling art kit, when I finish my studio I will share it. So far, I am getting excited about the possibilities! 

Before going out and spending lotsa bucks on trendy new art organizers, I challenge you to look at what you have and see if anything meets your needs. Just might save you a few bucks you can spend on bling later! 

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