Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Distortion of Portrait Workshop at Kara Bullock's Studio

As I am finalizing my 2019 teaching schedule, I wanted to go ahead and open one that I am super thrilled to be teaching next year!  

When an idea of a character reveals itself to my imagination I immediately begin to tap in to the visual elements I could use to bring this 'presence' to canvas, and it almost always has to do with distortion. Pushing past the ordinary when it comes to proportion, surface, contrast, and shape is something I absolutely adore as part of the painting process and I will be bringing that love to a new workshop in California. 

 Kara Bullock has shown a deep respect for offering space to teachers who share a rich understanding of portrait and 
expression, so I was thrilled to be invited to head to the West Coast in May 2019. 

My workshops are uniquely built to offer the painter the opportunity to question and formulate their own ideas of concept and technique. This one specifically will explore these learning curves: 

Learning How To Combine Your Current Sketch Ability With A Dynamic, Expressive One

Learning Specific Techniques To Push Distortion Of The Figure

Learning How To Push The Use of Contrast To Convey Mood And Drama

Learning How To Define The Details Of A Portrait To Convey Story And Message 

Learning How To Sketch Freely To Build Collage Elements In Unexpected Ways

Learning How
 To Capture a Pose or Light Field For Reference

Learning How To Use The Rules of Portrait Building To Break Them Creatively

Learning How To Paint With Creative Narrative As Your Point Of View

Learning The Stages Of The Layering Process To Self Critique And Know When To Call It Done

For 4 days we will gather and move the line while sharing and exploring our discovery of the mixed media and sketch practice as it pertains to portraits. There will be deep discussions around process, around how our point of view impacts our visual language, and how to find the balance between pushing past our default abilities even if it means losing something we love. 

This class is for the painter who is looking to dive deeper in to their own practice and push their love of portraits to more imaginative outcomes. We will work on paper and canvas, use materials in unorthodox ways, and learn strategies that will push out out of our comfort zone to reach distinct visual outcomes based on expressive portraits.

Sold out!

Our class size will remain at 10 to give us ample time for one on one direction and personal connection, as well as space. Specialty supplies will be provided as well.

Supply List:
Supply list will be posted one month prior to workshop.
Studio Location:
Kara Bullock Art Studio
145 W. Main St. Suite 110
Tustin, CA 92780

*FREE PARKING - located at studio
Airport Information and Other Hotel Accommodations Nearby:

  • You will fly into John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California
  • Hotels within ten minutes include:
    • Embassy Suites has a shuttle service that runs from 5am to 11pm.  Embassy Suites and Country Inn both offer complimentary breakfast.  Transportation is not included at Double Tree or Country Inn, but Uber and/or Lyft are affordable and used regularly.
Workshop Policies: Due to limited class size, payment is non-refundable, but may transferable, keep reading. If you purchase a workshop and are unable to attend, AND if there is a wait list for the course, we will put you in contact with the first person on the wait list for the workshop. If that person agrees, he/she can pay you for your spot in the course. Once that transaction is completed, we will substitute that person for your spot in the course. If you are unable to attend the workshop, and the workshop has not sold out with a wait list, we will not be able to refund your purchase.

Cancellations: If the event does not reach the minimum number of participants, workshop may be cancelled. In the very rare event of an emergency or unavoidable natural disaster or act of God, the class may be cancelled. If this is to happen, all purchased workshops will be reimbursed to students in full.

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