Monday, October 8, 2018

The Balance of Business and Art Webinar

15 years ago I really never dreamed I would be a full time working artist. I was facing huge medical challenges at the time, and simply turned to art as a way of expression and having something to do that I enjoyed while I healed. The experience of turning to art to facilitate my healing path, along with a deep love of self study, paved the way for me to come off of disability completely and choose the art industry as a career path.

Today, I make a beautiful living as a painter, teacher, consultant, and workshop presenter. The years were filled with days where I never thought I could do this to jubilant moments of nailing my business goals and realizing this path is the achievable with hard work, devotion, and passion. When I was getting started I so wish I could have afforded to sit down with an artist living the life I 'dreamed' of to have an honest, realistic conversation about what that actually looks like. 

The Balance of Business and Art is designed for just that. It isn't one on one direction for your business, but it is an opportunity to listen, learn some valuable insight, and move forward with a check list and action steps towards the business model that is a best fit for you! It isn't at all how to get more followers on IG or shortcuts to creating a false sense of perceived value either. It is a realistic conversation about what this path really looks like, good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. 
This is my studio in Mobile, Al!

Hosted in a secret FB group with a live feed that you can view at any time, I will be sharing for several hours the core topics that became relevant to me as not only a self-taught painter, but one who moved from painting for a hobby to painting for a living and became a creative entrepreneur.

Some of the concepts I will cover will be: 

1. Do I really have what it takes to make a living at this? 
2. Am I technically ready to go from hobbyist to business?
3. The importance of being realistic about time management and setting short, mid, and long term goals for success. 
4. What exactly are action steps and why are they so important! 
5.  How does market impact the decisions I need to make as a creative business person?
6. The acceptance and use of seeing myself as a brand. 
7.  The Laborious Need For Business Structure
8. Revenue Streams and how they make or break your success. 
9. How approaching social networks with realistic expectations matters in the long run. 
10. State resources for small business are super helpful!
11. Why getting active in art circles helps build connections and networks. 
12. The difference between creative play and creative focus when it comes to impacting your skill sets. 
13. Studio needs and design. 
14. Should I teach workshops? 
15. Knowing the difference between customers, audience, and investors....and how to reach them.  
and so much more.... 

If you have followed my journey you are aware that I am a self-taught painter and business woman. I don't hold a business degree, still have tons to learn about mastering that, but have passionately devoted myself to building a profitable career around my art profession and have a well filled with knowledge about what made huge differences in my success so far. 

To check out my bio/cv, head over to my website HERE!

If you feel this resonates with where you are in regards to professional dreams or careers, register here.Number of students limited. 

If you are specific questions shoot me an email at 

Details of the Webinar!
The next session is hosted March 18th, 2019 at 10 am central in a private FB secret group. 

You have one year to view the discussion as much as you like, it is not downloadable. 
The forum is private, so you will not be able to view it outside the classroom. 
You will receive an action steps worksheet as part of the viewing which you can use to organize and answer all your specific questions. 
There will be a live question and answer part of the webinar. 
You do not have to be present to view the discussion, you can view it after it is live. 

****You must friend me on Facebook, if you haven't already,  to be enrolled in the classroom after you register!

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