Monday, May 6, 2013

Monochromatic Art Journal

I came across this "My Yellow Pages" address book at Goodwill last week and the page color resonated with me that it would make a unique monochromatic art journal. I decided I would keep it by my bed and use it to sketch in with graphite or Sharpie, just seeing where the color, line and pattern would take me. There was one white sheet attached which I used this morning for to practice blind contour drawing as well. I really love the contrast in this book and look forward to seeing the images come to life on the yellow pages. 

This was  a blind contour sketch I made using a red crayon, a blue sharpie, and a blue uniball. 

This was my first blind contour sketch and I love the fact that I decapitated myself and have a floating head, lol. 

This image was a 30 min sketch using just a Sharpie and I have no idea what the inspiration for it was other than mark making and weirdness, total weirdness. 

And this was a 5 minute quick sketch holding the pencil with only two fingers. I wanted to push myself to let go of control and just loosely sketch the contour. It was more challenging than I thought. 

Ok, I saw a photo of this crazy looking cat on Pinterest today but failed to pin it, and now am at a complete loss as to how to locate it, but I just adored the look on the kitten's face because I have seen it so often from my Yodaman. Crazy cats, they rule the world you know!

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