Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mixed Media and Visual Artist List on Facebook

Are you like me and get frustrated when you want to find a great group of artists to follow and you have to weed through them one a time. Google+ has circle sharing which makes this simple and now, Facebook has create list sharing and I am totally excited about it! While it poured outside, I spent a good bit of today gathering artists, galleries, and entities that I follow on FB who share publicly through pages or subscribers for the most part in the mixed media and visual arts field. You can subscribe to this list if you are a FB user and follow these folks in a separate stream. I do hope with the creation of this list, many of you will find artists that suit your tastes and who share great insight into the mixed media, visual arts world!

Here is the link to the public Facebook list!


Ella said...

Thank you for sharing! This really is a wonderful new concept~
Nice to meet you :D

Ardith Goodwin said...

Nice to meet you too Ella and thank you for stopping by.