Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Painting Fine Art for Children

Sea oats and magnolia leaves are great fodder for some artists but not for me. My imagination is just too much off the chain for that so I opt, many times, for painting the weird, the wacky, the lovely, and kids love it! This piece, "Is That You Bob Marley?" is one that would inspire wonder, questions, and make a child think. That type of art is powerful to have and expose children to because it takes them from ordinary to the imaginative extraordinary. As a child, children's illustrations fascinated me and the weirder ones always got my attention. 

I could always say, it started with a door, a flag, and a rabbit, ;) 

Patterned, painted gesso paper, watercolor crayons, pencils, graphite, and diluted white acrylic. 

Up close detail, you can see the patterns well here.

It did start with a door, a flag, and a rabbit.

I am healing well enough to graduate from the bed to the table!

Oh, is it him or not? 

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