Thursday, May 3, 2012

Acrylic Skin Magnets

I often use a glass palette when using acrylic paints and every few years it is time to peel the skin from the glass. This year I decided to use the skins to make bottle cap magnets, which would be a remembrance of the various paintings I have made over the past two years. 

First step is to pull the skin from the glass. 

Here is a large skin, you can see the gorgeous colors that the glass reveals on the skin. 

After the skin is pulled, I place a gel thumbprint (that's what I call them) onto the skin and cut around it. This makes the painting look like it is covered in epoxy. 

I then glue the thumbprint, back side down, into the bottle cap and place a magnet on the back. 

These magnets turn out gorgeous and are really simple to do. 
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