Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Somewhere out There

Far and Away

I'm not Mexican but I have several friends who are so I say celebrate the day and have a blast! Here are two more of my ATC cards, which leaves me with only 4 more to go, yipee! These two I did last year, actually they were my first two I ever did this small and I really love the way the colors turned out. It was hard for me to part with them but I think they will be appreciated where they are headed. I was able to go to the gallery yesterday which was nice. After sitting and painting a few small pieces I realized I had sat too long and my neck and arms were stinging. I have a small rupture at C5/6 so I have to be careful how I sit and hold my head. When I had my ankle sugery I came out of it with a paralyzed right arm, but rehabed it back after about 9 months. I couldn't paint at all in 2005. They finally called it a brachial plexus strain and said I was positioned wrong! Ugh! Sometimes I hate medical care, but other times I am so appreciative. Anyway, I won't be painting for a few days because of it. We have had some great weather, I already have 9 tomatoes on my plant out front. I can't wait to eat one! I recently joined the forum in Wetcanvas for artists struggling with disabilities. I want to encourgage them to hang in there and make the best of each day. It's not easy especially when you have to take drugs everday to function. I so wish there was a better answer to chronic pain. If you find my blog and leave a comment I'll add you to my monthly drawing for a free miniature! Peace, Ardith
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