Monday, April 30, 2007

My 7 latest ATC's!

Moment of Joy

Electric Goddess of the Sea

Spiral Luminosity II

Spiral Luminosity I

In the Shallows II

In the Shallows I

Converging Lines

Wow, I have tried to catch up with my ATC project cards and feel like I have made some progress. Several of these I created as pairs working with some new techniques with my abstracts that I may use for larger pieces. After my abstracts I decided to go a bit whimsical which was a lot of fun. If I am adding correctly, I may be down to 6 more to go, or so which is a much more workable number. I do want to give everyone an update on my knee sugery. So far, I have NO pain in the knee, which is sooooo wierd, but wonderful. I still have swelling issues, but am working those out in the pool at the YMCA, and my PT and I are agressively working towards progress. He told me it would be up to a year to be back to "normal" if there is such a thing for me, so until then I am thrilled with no crunch and no pain. I am finding a knock and pop in my hip, which I have had, but I think the extra excercises are flaring that up, at least I hope it's just a flare. I am excited about the prospect of healing and having a much stronger leg, which will help my foot drop not be so much of an issue. I'll keep you posted! A
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