Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Fine Art of Creative Play Workshop

A few weeks ago an email landed in my inbox by the beautiful workshop host,  Lory Newsom, with an invitation to fly to Seattle and teach a workshop. If you could have seen the grin on my face you would have thought the Cheshire Cat was a close relative. Although I am a full time painter, I also teach art to young ones full time, and the opportunity to teach adults once again in person, made my heart full. 

Over the past couple of weeks I pondered and prayed about the concept for this class and around every turn the signs pointed toward teaching artists how to use creative play as a means to increase their creativity and unique voice in their own body of work. Every day I meet artists that are learning lots of skills and styles, but when they walk into their own studios, the thought of tapping into their own point of view and style is daunting. Even experienced artists come to a point where their creative well dries up a bit and they need to refresh their skill  and concept sets. 

The Fine Art of Creative Play is a workshop specifically for artists seeking to learn how to paint from their own creative storehouse and develop a body of work. We will explore the play in mark making, make our own tools, develop ideas based on our life stories, and create paintings that resonate with story, place, and deep, personal connection. I will teach you daily practices that you can apply so that you leave with the confidence to paint what you see, what you remember, and what you imagine. We will paint paper, draw, write, sketch, paint, collage...all in the spirit of work play. 

Because creativity is vital to an artist, especially those who seek to make the creative arts our full time profession,  we will spend a half day diving into some deep discussion about how creativity practices can impact our businesses. I am a firm believer that in opening the dialogue around how to tap into our creativity, how to use it for different purposes, and how to use it to alter our marketing and career paths, we can step up our game in the effort to impact our businesses and our world in the best way. 

Workshop Highlights

Miller School of Art, Seattle, Washington 

July 23-26, 2015
Thursday - Meet, Greet, Setup 2-3
                  Creative Business Talk 3-6
Friday-Sunday - 9-6 (one hour lunch)

3 Days of Intensive Study
1/2 Day of Creative Business Talk
Preworkshop Questionnaire and Goal Sheet
Preworkshop Video
Specialty Supplies
Mark Making Tools
Meet and Greet Ice Breaker

Workshop Fee - $550

Students Will Receive a Supply List

***For those artists coming to the workshop and seeking a one on one video consultation before class, I offer 30 min and 1 hour conferences for an additional fee. This gives me the chance to review your body of work and develop specific strategies to meet some of the business goals you have. It makes the workshop more relevant, but is not required. Artists opting for the consultation tend to be those who are seeking to invest in their business and seek guidance in moving that forward on a professional level. 

30 min Consultation - $85
60 min Consultation - $160 

THE WHOLE SHEBANG OPTION - Gives you the workshop, the one hour consult, and the supplies provided for $800.

****Cancellation Policy -75% refund before June 1st. 50% Refund between June 1-July 1. No refund after July 1 unless the sky falls....but call me. 



Workshop Options 

Supplies Can Be Provided In Full For An Additional Amount - Workshop Supplies Provided Fee $120

For additional ways to work with me and view upcoming classes go HERE

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