Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just Be

Today I chose to "Just Be." 
I chose to let go of 'must get dones' and embraced no agenda. 
I chose to ignore the clock and watched the clouds fly by. 
I chose to rake leaves BEFORE I painted. 
I chose to sit and watch the world drift by with the hubs. 
I chose to play catch with my dog. 
I chose to eat Doritos and peppermint balls. 
I chose to watch a family of ants enjoy the crumbs. 
I chose to pray for a few friends. 
And....I chose to imagine my life without all of that, which made me ever so grateful to embrace those very moments. 

I used to believe that it all had to get done and if it didn't, the world would end. Today, I know the truth in that wacky judgement. The truth is, we need to learn to "Just Be"....before the world ends, ;)

Turn off the grid, ignore the dishes, grab a loved ones hand and spend 30 minutes just being alive with the moment, and if you are alone, give yourself permission to indulge....go on....I dare you, :)

Happy Sunday folks! 

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