Saturday, December 8, 2012

Come Join My Google+ Mixed Media Community!

When Google+ announced two days ago that we would have the feature of building communities I was over the moon with glee. Since I joined, I have waited, and waited, and waited, for a 'group' feature to be added and low and behold, they pulled it off. So, I rushed and grabbed my idea book where I had notes prepared for when this moment would happen and began the process of creating an All Things Mixed Media community for creatives there.

My hope is to share resources, education/how to's, works in progress, artist showcase, ideas for kids, and as many mixed media ideas as we can under our small umbrella. Because we can host hangouts, I can only imagine that mixed media topics and how to's will be covered live, which is a great component for the Google+ community.

If you are active on Google+ and love art, painting, drawing, mixed media, collage, or just want to connect with some great creatives there, please join us! Share your work, your questions, your ideas, and help grow our community! Join our Community HERE
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